Automating your Workflow with Zapier

-- What is Zapier? 

-- Setting up a Zap 

-- Advanced features

-- Trouble shooting and our favorite Zaps

Campaign Structure from Start to Finish

-- In-depth view into the progression from a general nurturing campaign to a current client campaign

-- Overview into winning email content that converts

-- Take away material for building your own dynamic campaigns

Capture Contacts with Hatchbuck Forms
-- What does my customer's buying process have to do with forms?
-- What are the different types of forms I should use?
-- What are some do's & dont's?
-- What are the advantages?
-- What are the code embedding options?

Content Creation 101

-- How to choose topics

-- Tools and resources we like at Hatchbuck

-- Creating content that converts

-- How to re-use content to save time

Getting the most Bang for your Hatchbuck

-- Learn how to avoid the most common Hatchbucker mistakes

-- Setup and Implementation
-- Sales
-- Marketing and Marketing Automation
-- Deliverability

Hatchbuck Hacks: Our Favorite Tips and Tricks

-- Inputting Leads from a Form
-- Task-Based Campaigns
-- Sorting by Deal & Contact Score
-- Ending Campaign for a New Opportunity
-- Default Filters and New Filters
-- Duplicating Emails
-- Link Action Tagging Strategy
-- Inverse Tagging
-- Storing Dates as Events
-- Lead Source Tracking
-- User Level Security

Improving Sales with Hatchbuck's CRM

-- Optimize Sales Pipelines

-- Take Advantage of Notes & Tasks

-- Automate Sales Processes

-- Use Deals to Track Opportunities

Navigating Hatchbuck for B2B Businesses
-- Bringing Hatchbuck functionality full circle for your business
-- Follow a sample B2B company from beginning to end
-- Discuss complete marketing strategy
-- Discuss complete sales strategy
-- Complete feature breakdown and best uses of the database

Putting the Pieces Together

-- Complete walk through of a sample B2C Business
-- See each Hatchbuck Feature come together
-- Regular and Event Based Campaign Ideas
-- New Contact Nurture Flowchart take away