How To Use Your Hatchbuck Partner Accounts

Topics Covered

- The purpose of each account 
- Resources to build out a demo account with fake data 
- Best practices for database duplication & storing your own template library


Webinar Slides: Attached: See below

Resources Mentioned

Mockaroo (data)

UI Faces (images)

YOPmail (disposable emails)



Can we Set up more than one demo account?

No, only 1 demo account can be tied to a subdomain.

Do I lose templates if I set up my own template library?

No, you can toggle back and forth and your templates (and Hatchbucks) will always be there.

Can I make action flows?

If you put link actions on an email template in the Co-Brand Default or Template Library accounts, those will transfer with the template. You can create campaigns sequences in the co-brand default account as well. 

Can I change my sub-domain?

No, once you pick your sub-domain, it is permanent. All forms you create are tied to your sub-domain, so changing that would break any forms out in the wild. 

What happens to deleted templates in the template and co-brand default accounts?

If you delete anything in either of these accounts, your clients will not see them.