You care about your contacts and want to know when they are actively engaging with you and also when they might be needing a little more TLC. The contact snapshot really breaks down your most engaged contacts and contacts at risk of slipping through the cracks so you know how to best follow up with your contacts that need it most. 

Contacts in a Follow-up Status- The number of contacts you have in any follow up statuses. You can set follow up statuses and frequency in Account Settings > Customizations > Contact Status

Engaged Contacts- These contacts have opened emails, clicked on links, visited your website or submitted an online form resulting in a positive contact score.

Neglected Contacts- These contacts haven't been communicated with via email within the follow-up frequency "goal time" for that status. You will want to reach out and send these contacts an email before they fall through the cracks. 

Unresponsive- These contacts are in the general contact status of Prospect and have not opened or clicked-through the last 6 emails sent over the past 6-months. We suggest moving these contacts to a different general status, such as "Lost" or "Other."

Tip: Filter your contact list by unresponsive to clean things up. 
Filter > Follow Up StatusIs Unresponsive