By customizing your list view in Hatchbuck's Deal section you will be able to see the information most relevant to you and your company. You can add as many columns as needed in order to see all pertinent information.

  • Click the show columns icon within the Deal List View

  • You will see two sections within this box: show columns which will give you a list of all columns that are currently being displayed and available columns which lists all of the items that are available to display, if selected. 

  • You also have the ability to control the order that these columns will be displayed. By using the re-order icon to the right of the column name you can move these up or down your list, depending on the importance. 
  • Once you have selected the columns that will be displayed in your list view, click the green APPLY button and your Deals columns will be customized depending on what information is most relevant to YOU! 
  • If you choose more columns than Hatchbuck is able to display across the screen you can use the scroll bar at the bottom of your list to see the additional columns. 

Now that your list view is customized you can change the order of this list based on any of the columns that you have selected. By clicking on the column name you can reorder these.