If your goal is to quickly search for contacts using their company information, Hatchbuck now offers a company view! Clicking into the Companies tab, you will see several filtering options: 

Company Created By

Check to see if the company record was created by a specific user 

Company Created Date

Search to see if the company record was created on, before, after, or between a specific date

Company Custom Fields

Company Location

Search to see if the contact location is or is not in a particular city, state, zip or country 

Company Name

Enter full or part of Company name 

Company Phone

Search to see which contacts have or do not have a particular number. This is also an easy way to search for contacts in a specified area code

Company Status 

Search to see contacts in a particular status, choose from either "equal" or "does not equal"

Company Sales Rep

Choose from the drop-down

Company Website 

Enter full or partial URL