You can search and filter for contacts that have deals in your Hatchbuck Pipeline

Within your Contacts, Companies, or Deals tab scroll down to the "Associated Deals" section

Deal Actual Close Date

Search on, before, after or in between the actual date(s) the deal closed on

Deal Win Probability

Add a number that reflects the percentage (%) of probability that a deal will be won

Deal Created By

Pick the desired sales rep that created or did not create a deal

Deal Custom Fields

Search any of your deal custom fields

-- To create deal custom fields go to your account settings>customizations

Deal Existence

Verify that a contact has a deal or does not have a deal

or search to see if the contact has or does not have an Active Deal (deal has not closed)

Deal Forecasted Close Date

Check the projected date you anticipated the deal to close on

Deal Name

Type in a name to find associated deals

Deal Sales Rep

Deal SourceĀ 

Equals or does not equal one of your drop down source options

-- To create deal sources go to account settings~>customizations

Deal Stage

Check to see if contacts have a deal in or not in a particular stage

Deal Value

Enter numeric value and select is, is more than, is less than, or is between