Hatchbuck allows you to Skip Weekends when you are building your Regular Campaign in order to avoid sending on Saturdays and Sundays. To make sure your campaign communication is set to be delivered M-F, navigate to Tools > Campaigns 

  • Create a new campaign, or click to edit an existing campaign
  • Select "+ New Automation" or edit an existing step
  • Select "Send an Email"
  • Once the Send an Email pop-up appears, Select "Advanced Timers"

  • Once you have clicked into "Advanced Timers", options within the block will expand.¬†

From the pop-up expansion, you have the ability to:
  • Skip Weekends by selecting "Do Not Run on Weekends"

What Happens Next?

If an email in your campaign is set to go out on a Saturday or Sunday, Hatchbuck will detect and stop the email from being sent until the following Monday at the designated time.

Hatchbuck PRO Tip: skipping weekends will push the remaining steps in your campaign back. To ensure that all of the remaining emails in the campaign do not run on weekends, make sure you check this step for your other emails.