You can manage almost everything in Hatchbuck from your Account Settings, below is your complete guide to this area. Select Account Settings, which you will find under the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner


  • If you are not an Account Owner, you will not see the Billing Information or Subscription Plans sections
  • If you are not an Admin, you will not see the Billing Information, Subscription Plans, or Export Data sections

My Profile

Edit Contact Info - change your picture, edit profile details, and manage your signature

  • Change your picture by clicking on camera icon in far left view

  • Edit name, position, email, phone and time zone here

Email Signature

  • If copying and pasting please use paste as plain text options to strip any formatting

Username & Password

  • Change your username 
  • Change your password- passwords must be 8 characters long and contain a letter and a number

Email Sync

  • Connect your mail clients to Hatchbuck via IMAP
  • Adds emails to your contacts' profiles under their activity
  • Help with IMAP


BCC Email

BCC or Forward emails from outside of Hatchbuck

  • Notes are added to contacts record
  • You have the option to create a new contact if forwarding in an email address that doesn't currently exist
  • Add all email addresses you will be forwarding from by clicking Edit BCC Email Settings
  • Help with BCC


Manage your email notifications regarding activity in Hatchbuck


Edit company info 

  • Basic company info populates company footer on emails to two or more contacts
  • Other company info includes industry and currency- this information isn't published anywhere and for internal use


If you've met with your on-boarding consultant, you have probably heard us mention customizations quite a bit. This is where you customize your database so that it reflects your business. 

This section includes: Contact Scoring, Contact Status, Company Status, Deal Stages, Tags, Lead Sources, Custom Fields, Events, Products, Contact Temperature, Deal Lost Reasons)

For more information on customizing your database, check out this article

Data (API & Export Data)

Our API settings are housed here. When adding data to your Hatchbuck account via the API, you may need to pass list values. For example, if another application wants to add a phone number to a contact in your Hatchbuck account, it will need to designate whether the phone number is for work, home or other. The lists in this section provide you with the unique keys to use for those various list values. Remember that you can always have the other application look the values up if that functionality is available.

For a full article about API documentation click here

Complete a full export of your data

Important Note: If this is blank it is because you are not a System Administrator. For security reasons, only Admins can export data.


We've made the process of connecting other platforms to Hathbuck super simple using Zapier. Through Zapier you'll be able to connect and integrate other web apps you currently use, taking advantage of already-programmed API connections. Here's a bit more about Zapier. Here we've added tons of Zaps ready for you to use and have organized these solutions by their different functions.


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