If you want to export a filtered list or all of your Deals, Hatchbuck gives you the ability to easily export these into a CSV file. 

  • Navigate to the Deals Tab
  • Select the Deals that you'd like to export (or check the box to 'Deal Name' to select all)
  • Click the orange Actions button 
  • Select Export Deals

  • A pop up box will appear with the number of Deals you selected in the heading, click the button to EXPORT DEALS and they will be downloaded in a CSV file

This Export will include: 

  • Deal ID
  • Deal Name
  • Company Name
  • Description
  • Sales Rep
  • Stage
  • Amount 
  • Close Date
  • Win Probability 
  • Lead Source
  • Lost Reason 
  • Created Date
  • Lost Reason Comments
  • Account Company ID
  • Any custom deal fields you created

To export Contacts, check out this article

For a FULL database exportSee this article.