Gmail will not load images for unauthenticated messages by default. Instead, they will display an option to the recipient that looks like this:

This not only negatively affects the recipient's perception of your message (since it loads a mangled, goofy-looking version of your email with all the images ripped out until they click the "Display images below" link), but it also prevents our tracking pixel from being downloaded. This is particularly important because that tracking pixel, which is usually downloaded as soon as an email is opened, is how we track your open rate. 

So the solution to this problem is to authenticate your emails. Hatchbuck calls this process email authentication. You (or your technical contact) will need to make some changes on your sending domain. Once these records are added recipient email servers will be able to see that you are the one actually sending the messages coming out of Hatchbuck, which will increase deliverability. Gmail will also trust your images and load them automatically!