A couple of notes on IMAP:

  • Our IMAP integration is fully supported for Google Apps accounts. 
    • Although we can only fully support Google, clients have successfully connected with Microsoft Accounts. Standard IMAP configurations should work fine, including out-of-the-box Office 365 subscriptions.
  • Once you have connected to IMAP, we will scan your email client inbox and pull 6 months of email history into Hatchbuck. That email history is attached to a contact's profile so you can stay up-to-date. 
    • This will only include historical incoming emails.  No historical outgoing emails will be pulled in on initial connection.
  • Any new emails sent to a contact from your email client after connecting to IMAP will be attached to the corresponding contact record. 
  • For new contacts added after the initial connection, Hatchbuck will pull in emails for the last 30 days only.

Here is a quick guide on connecting to IMAP —

Connecting to Gmail through O-Auth (During Activation): 

You have the option to quickly connect your Gmail account to Hatchbuck upon activation on this screen: 

  • Select "Google" 
  • Choose which account you'd like to connect: 
  • Click "Allow" on the Permissions screen
  • Once it has been successfully connected you will be brought back to this confirmation screen and can proceed through the rest of activation: 

Connecting to Gmail through O-Auth (from Account Settings): 

  • Navigate to Account Settings > My Info > Email Sync 
  • Select "New Email Account" 
  • Select Google 
  • Choose which account you'd like to connect:

  • Click "Allow" on the Permissions screen

  • Once you have been successfully connected you will be brought back to Account Settings 

After Connecting to IMAP:

After you have connected to to IMAP you'll be able to decide in the next tab what users will be able to view these IMAP messages within a Contact Record. Edit the Allowed Users to move users in the “allowed” column. All users will be able to see the subject line, but only allowed users will be able to view the body of the message.

Finally, you can click into the final tab, Suppression List, which will give you the ability to block email activity for certain email addresses or domains. This will be really beneficial for users who want to block all internal activity. You can simply suppress your company domain.

**NOTE: This suppression will be specific to the email sync, it will not hide internal activity for things like web page tracking. 

While we only fully support GMAIL at this time, you're welcome to use the "other" method to connect your e-mail client via IMAP. 

You will need to contact your Hosting provider for the correct IMAP Host and IMAP Port, we've listed a couple of common ones below: 

  • Outlook 365
    • Host: outlook.office365.com
    • Port: 993

  • GoDaddy (*If you only see Incoming server (POP3), your email plan does not support IMAP. If you see both IMAP and POP3 servers, you should use the IMAP details.)

After inputting the IMAP Host and IMAP Port enter the Username and Password for your e-mail client and click "connect"