What is SONAR?

Sonar is an intelligent, targeted lead generation engine. Sonar searches 500 million records to target the most valuable leads for your business every month. In conjunction with your current marketing efforts, Sonar can be a powerful tool to grow your business while using proven outbound marketing strategies (check out some examples below!). 

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is the process of initiating a conversation about your product or service with uninformed buyers through a variety of methods including email marketing and cold calling.

I received my list. Now what?

What is the best way to contact my leads?

Conduct an Intro phone call - with a clear value proposition or offer. 


 Hi, this is [my name] from [my company]. How are you? We’re working with businesses such as [reference company 1] and [reference company 2] to help them [insert biggest pain point here that resonates with your ideal customer].  Is that something you’d like to hear more about?


Voicemail 1: 

Hi [first name], I just left you a message. I would love to discuss how [my company] can help [company name] [insert most important benefit of your product or service]. Again, my name is [name] and you can reach me at [phone number].

Voicemail 2: 

Hi [first name], I am following up with you regarding the email I sent you last week. I’d love to set up a time to chat soon. Again, my name is [name] and you can reach me at [phone number].

Voicemail 3: 

Hello [first name]! This is [your name]. I am following up on a few attempts I’ve made to connect with you.  Again, I am calling from [your company name] and I noticed you had the chance to visit our website. I believe we can help your business [one sentence pitch of benefits]. Do you have time to discuss this week? If so, give me a call back at [phone number]. Looking forward to speaking soon!

What do I do after introducing myself? 

After the initial call, send a Follow-up email with a valuable resource or guide


Referral Email - Decision Maker

Hey [first name],

My name is [my name] and I'm with [my company name]. We help organizations like [company reference name] to [insert most important benefit of your product or service].

Would you mind connecting me with the right person to talk to about how we can [reiterate benefit point] for [company name]?



Referral Email - Event

Hey [first name],

I hope you are having a great [insert day here]. I just noticed that [add relevant event to your prospect]. Congrats! My company, [my company name], enables businesses like [company name] to [insert your biggest pain point here that resonates with your ideal customer]. Do you have 5 minutes next week for us to chat?

Thank you,


Referral Email - Linkedin

Hey [first name],

I wanted to reach out because I noticed you’re connected to [referral name] on Linkedin, and he/she recommended I reach out to you. I help businesses [one sentence pitch of benefits]. I would love to learn more about [their company name] and discuss a few ways we can [reiterate benefit point].

Are you available for a quick call [time and date]?



Referral Email - The Ask

Hi [first name],

Are you still looking for [something that's relevant to my product]?

Thanks for your time,


Product or service intro email

Hi [first name],

My name is [my name] and I work with businesses in the [industry] to [one sentence pitch of benefits].

Based on your Linkedin profile, you appear to be an appropriate person to connect with ... or might at least be able to point me in the right direction.

I’d like to speak with someone from [company name] who is responsible for [handling something that's relevant to my product].

If that’s you, are you open to a 5 minute call on [time and date] to discuss ways our [product or service] can specifically help your business? If not you, can you please put me in touch with the right person?

Thanks for the help,




  • Start a 3-Step Follow-Up Campaign (with a Clear CTA driving to an offer) 
  • Example campaign: Intro, follow up with CTA, follow up with CTA
  • Connect with Leads on Linkedin and Twitter
  • Share and like your prospects’ content

Advanced Tip

  • Use Re-targeting to warm up your leads and get your brand in front of them. It will help to improve conversion rates on your initial and follow up calls.
  • Use Hatchbuck's automations to know exactly when to reach out to those “hot” leads. Features such as lead scoring, tagging and notification will help you seize every sales opportunity and turn more of those targeted leads into paying customers.

Don’t be a spammer! Follow these guidelines:

  • Provide valuable, relevant content.
  • Make sure the recipient can unsubscribe.
  • Don’t be outwardly sales-y.