Follow the guide below to use and customize one of Hatchbuck's awesome pre-built campaigns! 

Notes on using a pre-built campaign: 

  • If you chose a folder on the "Campaign Info" screen, the campaign will be added to that folder.
  • The campaign will not be saved to your account until you click "Finish" at the very end. If you click "Back" or do not fully save the campaign, the campaign is not created. However, the email templates will still exist in your account. We will not delete any data.
  • The emails are added to your Email Template library. They will be named "Campaign Name, Email Name" (the campaign name is created by you when entering the basic campaign info, while the email name is automatically applied from the pre-built campaign you chose). 
  • The emails will not be added to specific folders, they will be located under "All Templates." 
  • If you have a lot of email templates in your account, you can easily search for these by entering the campaign name in the search bar.

Creating and entering Campaign information 

  • Navigate to the Tools tab at the top of the page > click Campaigns > click on the + new campaign button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Name and describe your campaign (this is for internal users only), and lock your campaign if you don't want other users (except admins) to be able to edit this campaign
  • You can create and use folders to better organize your campaigns. 

Choosing your campaign 

  • Click into the Pre-built campaign tab
  • Select the type of campaign you'd like to download and use in your account. We've added short descriptions under each one to outline how you might best use these.

  • Click on a campaign to bring up a preview box. This will allow you to view the timing, steps, and the email templates included before downloading to use in your account. You can use the arrows on the top right hand side to toggle between the different campaigns
  • Once you've decided on the campaign you'll use, click the button to download the campaign and the email templates to your account 

Editing and Customizing your Campaign

Some important notes

> If you want to change your Campaign for whatever reason, you can always edit your Campaign by clicking Tools > Campaigns, and then clicking on the Campaign you'd like to edit

> You cannot change steps of a campaign if there are contacts scheduled for that step

  • After clicking the button to download you will be brought to the Campaign Automation screen

  • Here you can edit the existing automation steps and add any new automations you might need. Add additional steps by clicking + new automation or any + icons above or below current steps. Remember, you're not limited to only sending emails - we encourage you to really make these campaigns your own!! If it makes sense to add a task or notification for follow up, go for it!
    • You can type directly into the "day" boxes to change the day you'd like that step to occur.
    • You can also drag and drop campaign steps to switch up your order using the re-arrange icon on the far left.

  • To edit the email templates and add the appropriate link automations within your pre-built campaign, click  "finish" on the campaign automation page, then click into the email name you'd like to edit.  This will bring up a preview box where you can choose to view / edit the selected template.

  • After clicking "view/edit" a new tab will open up, bringing you to the email template detail view. Click "edit template" to be brought into the editor. Be sure to fill in your company information and edit any other information in the curly braces ( {{XYZ}} ) before moving on to the link automations.
  • While you are still in the email template detail, click into the Automations tab. Here you will want to add the appropriate link automation. These will be really important as it is an additional way to trigger automations within your chosen campaign. Here's a great article on using link automations.

  • After saving, your edits will be reflected within your campaign! 

Once you've finished editing the templates, link automations, and have added any additional campaigns steps you might need you'll be ready to start contacts on this campaign!

**For more information on campaigns, take a look at our awesome webinar detailing campaign structure and giving you some tips on drool-worthy content!