From creating content to scheduling emails, building campaigns is tough. So we've done the heaving lifting for you with new pre-built campaigns.


With Hatchbuck pre-built campaigns, we wanted to preserve as much of the existing campaign builder flow as possible. 


Campaign Info

To streamline the process of creating campaigns, the Campaign Info page simply allows you to name and categorize your campaign before choosing a campaign type on the next page.  

Campaign Selection Screen

On the Campaign Selection screen, users are first directed to the pre-built campaign tab where you can choose one of six newly-built campaigns to fit your needs. If you’d rather create your own campaign, the Start from Scratch tab will allow you to do so by choosing a regular or event based campaign and building from there. 

Pre-Built Campaign Preview Modal

Should you opt for one of the pre-built campaigns listed, selecting one will take you to our new hybrid preview modal where you can see an overview of the campaign steps and email templates before adding the campaign to your database.

Important Note

When a user clicks on the [ DOWNLOAD CAMPAIGN TEMPLATE ] button: 

  1. The email templates associated with the pre-built campaign are duplicated and copied over to the user’s account:

    1. They will be named Campaign Name, Email Name.

    2. The email templates will not be put into any folder.

    3. They will be easily searchable as they all have the same Campaign Name suffix.

  2. A new campaign is then created in the system by the user with their given campaign name. Until the [FINISH] button is pressed on the following screen, that campaign will not be saved.

  3. The campaign will be created in the folder chosen on the initial campaign info page.

  4. If the user presses [BACK] or does not fully save the campaign, the campaign is not created. However, the email templates will still exist in the user’s account. We will not delete any data.

  5. In one wizard session, if the user clicks [BACK] (wanting to ‘start over’) but keeps the same campaign name and chooses the same pre-built, then a new set of email templates will be copied over with the name Campaign Name, Email Name (#) with “#” being the number of times they use the same exact pre-built campaign in the same session.

Pre-Built Campaigns, Phase 1


Have new contacts from a tradeshow, networking event, or business partner? Build brand awareness among cold leads and referrals with this 3-part email campaign.


Want to drive interest from those filling out online forms or attending your webinars? Try this 8-part nurturing campaign to begin building your relationship from the ground up.


Has a prospect recently requested a consultation or a time to meet? Make sure no opportunity slips through the cracks with this 5-part email engagement campaign.


Ready to wow new clients with stellar customer service from the get-go? This 6-part campaign ensures that you build a positive relationship while communicating important details about your products & services.


Be proactive about winning back the hearts of your former customers. Reach out with this 3-part campaign to renew interest from those who are no longer working with you.


Have a whitepaper or digital asset on your website driving in new leads? Don’t miss out on the chance to nurture and educate subscribers on your products and services using this 7-part campaign.