If you've created a great looking (but long!) email you may notice that Gmail is clipping your message, hiding some of your content

Why does this happen? 

  • Your email is larger than 102KB
    • Gmail will automatically clip any messages that exceed that size
    • The limit is based on the content in the HTML code. This will include formatting, text, URLs (including link tracking and images) and more

  • You've sent yourself several test emails with the same subject line
    • When several messages land in an inbox with the same subject line, Gmail will group these together in one email as a "thread." When this happens it will often exceed the 102KB limit.  

How can you prevent this? 

  • Cut content -- shorten your email to only include necessary information
    • If you absolutely need to include more information, consider giving a quick preview and then including a "read more" link for your contacts.
    • Gmail will not count the actual file size of your image, so adjusting the size will not affect the 102KB limit. However, removing an unnecessary image from your template would remove its associated code, reducing your overall message size.

  • Do not copy / paste your content from a website, Microsoft Word, or any other word processing program
    • Often times there will be hidden formatting and coding - you won't see it on the front end, but it will count towards your 102KB limit!
    • If you like to use Word or another word processing tool you should first paste that content into Notepad or use our special Paste options in the Basic Builder to strip the formatting and coding