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  • How to set up a Zap
  • Best practices and things you need to know
  • Our favorite zaps and example use case

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Is there a way to tell who clicked a link but didn't complete a survey with Survey Monkey? We'd like to be able to send a reminder email to only the folks who didn't complete.

There is! There are a few things you will need to make sure you have set up first, though. On the email template where you send them all the link to the survey - make sure that link has an action to Add a Tag to anyone who clicks on it. Something like "Clicked survey link". Then set up a zap between Hatchbuck and Survey Monkey to tag all contacts who submit the survey with "Survey Completed". Now in Hatchbuck you can filter by everyone who HAS the "clicked survey link" tag but DOES NOT have the "survey complete" tag. That will be the list you need to use to send follow up.


Are there plans to do triggers out of Hatchbuck?

The development of a two-way API is something that we are in discussion about, but is not currently on our roadmap.


Will things from Zapier come through the activity feed?

No, they will not. Actions that happen through the API do not show in the activity feed. You will need to check your Zap's history in Zapier or your API logs in Hatchbuck. (Account Settings > Web API > API logs)

How does Zapier work for Hatchbuck Partners with multiple accounts?

You can connect as many Hatchbuck accounts to Zapier as you like. Each will have it's own API key and you will be able to specify for each zap which one to use. 


Does the zap allow for multiple types of emails, addresses, etc to be added to Hatchbuck?

You can only add one type at a time, but you can specify which type you would like (work, home, other).