Thursday, June 28th: Getting the most Bang for your Hatchbuck

We've gathered a list of some Hatchbucker mistakes that we see most often -- learn from the experts on how to avoid these so you don't get tripped up!

Topics Covered:

-- Setup and Implementation

-- Sales 

-- Marketing and Marketing Automation 

-- Deliverability

Webinar Slides are attached below.

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Helpful Q&A:

Can we add additional fields to a contact record? For example, industry or age range?

- Of course! You will simply create custom fields to keep data like this handy. Remember that custom fields on the contact level can also be used to personalize your templates. 

How can I send and receive information from Hatchbuck?

- You'll want to utilize Zapier for this! Zapier is an amazing solution that allows you to easily connect and integrate with web apps you use, taking advantage of already-programmed API connections. Whether you use Hatchbuck on the Trigger or Action side, you'll be able to send and/or receive data on the contact level (including contact custom fields!). Check out what they offer!