If you like videos, here's a great one on Importing Contacts into Hatchbuck!

Below is a guide to make your import process smooth and simple.

Organizing and Saving:

  • Save as a CSV file (comma delimited) and ensure there are less than 10,000 contacts on your spreadsheet
  • Separate each category type into columns (first and last name, street and city, etc) and label these within your first row
  • Create a Column for any Custom Fields you will want in Hatchbuck 
  • Delineate by commas any fields that contain items you would like as Tags (Example: Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3)
  • If you are adding Contact Statuses upon import put those in a separate column as well, if not you can assign a default status to everyone on the final screen of import. 

To Upload the File:

  • On the Contacts tab or from the Dashboard, click Import
  • Browse for your spreadsheet and Open to Upload the file
  • Once uploaded, click Continue

Choose Merging Fields:

  • Headers and Sample Data will display on the next screen
  • Select the Merging Field Category that best fits your data from the dropdown 

  • If a field does not exist you can easily add it by importing custom field data using these steps:
    • Select "New Custom Field"
    • The "Custom Field Name" is what will appear on the Contact Record
    • Choose Field Type based on category (numeric, drop-down, text, paragraph)
    • For the Drop-down option, enter all field value options you will import
    • Click Add Custom Field

Fix Duplicates:

  • If your spreadsheet includes duplicate contacts, Hatchbuck will identify these and bring you to the "Fix Duplicates" page. 
  • Simply select which contact you would like to import from the list of duplicates.

Matched Contacts:

  • If a contact is already in Hatchbuck, you will see that the contact in the spreadsheet is matched with them. You will have the “Unmatch Contacts” option in the right column if this is the case.
  • If you keep the setting as-is, then the contacts will merge. If you click “Unmatch Contacts” they will be uploaded as a separate contact.

You can select Match Method to find duplicates by Email Address Only or by Full Name and/or Email


Security Issue: 

You may see a screen like the one below. You are importing contacts who exist in Hatchbuck but you are restricted from editing/updating them. 

  • You can talk to your administrator to change your security settings or you can continue and not update these particular contacts. 

Last Step - Segmenting:

  • You can add a Tag to the entire list (eg: “Trade Show XYZ”) from this page
  • Select a Default Contact Status.
    • If you created Statuses in the last screen, this Default Status will only be added to the Contacts whose Status field was blank.
    • If you have no Status column from your spreadsheet, this Status will be added to all Contacts in the import.
  • Select a "Sales Rep" (user) to be tied to the Contacts.
  • The "Source" field is optional. Lead Source options can be added in your Account Settings > Lead Sources


  • The "Company Status" and "Company Sales Rep" fields are required 
  • Again, you can check the box to update the default company data for any existing companies already in your database

  • Click Finish to complete