To make sure your import process goes smoothly, here are some guidelines for organizing and saving your spreadsheet before you start.
  • Save as a CSV (comma delimited) file 
  • Make sure there are no special characters in your file name (this includes periods and dashes), you will not be able to proceed to the next screen if you have not removed these before saving
  • Each CSV File should house no more than 10,000 contacts
  • Separate each category type into columns (first name, last name, street, city, etc)
  • Create a Column for any Custom Fields you will want to import 
  • Delineate by commas any fields that contain items you would like to bring in as Tags (Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3)
  • If you are adding Contact Statuses upon import put those in a separate column as well
**IMPORTANT: Be sure to remove all blank columns and rows from your spreadsheet. Hatchbuck will not process any data held in columns that are after the blank column.

Note: You will need to assign the entire spreadsheet to one sales rep. In order to assign your contacts to multiple people on the import process, you will need to upload separate spreadsheets for each one. 

Some other great resources on importing your spreadsheet:

Here is an example of what your CSV might look like: