To view your Contacts that have unsubscribed:

  • Go to the Contacts tab from the main navigation
  • Select the Filter button in the top right corner and then select Email Deliverability
  • Select is unsubscribed and then Add

  • This will default the filter to: Contact is unsubscribed
  • Click Apply and your contacts who have unsubscribed will populate

If you'd like to remove these contacts from your database click the orange Actions button and then select "Delete Contacts"

Follow the steps in this article to export the list.

If a contact notifies you that they have unintentionally unsubscribed, here is how to re-subscribe them

**WARNING: ONLY do this if they have specifically requested. It is a legal requirement to remove recipients from a list if they have unsubscribed.

  • Search for the specific contact and click into their Contact Record
  • In the Contact Record, there will be an alert bar at the top of the screen. On the right-hand side, click Re-subscribe

  • You can also go to Actions > Re-subscribe Contact
  • You will get a warning about the terms of service and will have to confirm you would like to re-subscribe them