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Tags are probably the Hatchbuck Team's favorite feature. Use tags to segment your contacts based on their general interest and behavior. Tags will keep score, allowing you to trigger automations based on those interests and behaviors. There are so many ways to categorize your list, you may want a refresher on the ideal use for tags and how they function in our system.

  • Tags can be given (or removed) via an automation (link click, form being filled out, going to a particular webpage you are tracking) or from manually adding or removing this tag from a contact. For more information on applying tags manually or from an automation, check this article out.
  • Tags are a great way to segment your contacts, for example, a Health & Wellness Gym may use the following tags to segment their contacts: Nutrition, Personal Training, Group Classes, Male, Female, Over 50, Under 25)
  • Tags are great way to add contacts to an email list. (Example: Newsletter Signup, XYZ Tradeshow Attendee)
  • Tags keep score, so the more times a contact receives that tag, the higher the number in parentheses will be 

To trigger automations when a tag reaches a particular score, you will want to set up a tag rule. Check out this article here or a video here for help setting up these rules.