-- If you prefer video, here is a video tutorial on Filtering Contacts.

Tags can be used to segment your contacts based on their general interest and behavior. Tags will keep score, allowing you to trigger automations based on those interests and behaviors. For a refresher on how to best use tags check out this article. 

To find a list of people with a tag, without a tag, and people who have a certain tag score, follow these steps: 

  • From your list view select the Filter icon 

  • Under Contact section select Tag

  • Click into any tags that you'd like to apply to your Filter 

  • Select Close & Apply to complete your search

Advanced Tag Options

  • Selecting a tag once will highlight the tag blue, indicating that you like would like to search for any contact with that tag
*ExampleThis tag filter is searching for anyone who has the tag "About Us Page" on their contact record


  • Selecting a tag twice will highlight the tag red, indicating that you would like to leave out contacts who have that tag
*Example: This tag filter is searching for anyone who does not have the tag "About us Page" on their contact record


  • You can also filter by Tag Score by clicking the blue "any score" wording and selecting Any / Equals / Greater Than / Less Than / Between certain number(s).

Remember to always click the orange Apply button to submit the new filters/tags
  • The list of people who match your search criteria will now appear in the list view. You can then apply any of the available Actions to this list of Contacts