--If videos are more your style, here is a video tutorial on the Basic Builder.

The Basic Builder is the place where you are going to build all your simple, text based emails.

To create this type of email template, head to: Tools > Emails Templates > Start from Scratch > Basic Editor - Blank

Here are a few things to note as you build your basic email: 

  • Personalizing your Subject Line: Use the "personalize" drop-down here. This is pull information from each contact's record, no matter how many contacts you are sending to.
  • Personalizing the Body of the Email: Use the personalize menu just above the text field

  • Inserting A Document: You won't be able to add attachments to emails in Hatchbuck, but you can insert them as a link. Which is much better! Now you can track who is reading your document and set automations on the link when clicked
    • Upload your document to the Tools > My Files section, or upload this on the fly within the builder.
    • Remember to name it something your Contacts can see
    • You will now find your document in the My Files drop-down shown below.
    • That will drop in a link to your document that can be tracked!

Adding an image: 
  • Use the "Insert Image"  button to add your picture

Copying your Information from somewhere else: Make sure to copy/paste into the appropriate box to strip out all hidden formatting.