By default Hatchbuck emails will be sent from the user that is logged in; however, depending on your user permissions you do have the ability to send on behalf of others. 

To see your contact information, go to Account settings > My Info > My Profile > Edit Contact Info 

  • The email address here is what your contacts see in the From line when you send a Hatchbuck email
  • You can change this by entering a new email in that space, but you must validate that email address before it is finalized.

This helps keep your emails personal and cuts down on trips directly into the SPAM folder. Avoid changing the sender to an info@ or company@ address as these are less personal and more likely to get blocked by filters.

Sending on behalf of others:

In Hatchbuck, you are able to send on behalf of any other user (if you have the appropriate persmissions) in your database for a specific email or campaign. You set this up on the last step of the sending process. Click the blue change sender button to send this email from a different user.

Select the desired name from the drop-down list of users 

Setting up the sender within your Campaign: 

  • Head to Tools > Camapaigns > and either edit an existing campaign or create a new one. 
  • When you choose the automation to "send email" you will be able to select either yourself, the contact's sales rep, or a specific user