We do not provide the ability to add an attachment to emails. Why? Because we want you to know who is opening your documents! 

What we have is even better, you can add anything you would need to send as an attachment to My Files in order to include them as a link in your email template. 

If you prefer a video tutorial, check that out here.

  • Navigate to Tools > My Files > + Upload New File
  • Browse and select the file you need
  • IMPORTANT: make sure the name of your file is something you want your clients to see. This will to the title of the link in your email!
  • Note: there is a 4MB limit on files uploaded to Hatchbuck
  • Now, go to your email template.
    • In the Basic Builder or the Predesigned Templates, select the My Files drop-down and you can insert the link to that file there.
    • NOTE: if you forgot to add it in to My Files beforehand you can do it on the fly at this time!

  • In the Drag and Drop Builder, within a text block, select "Insert File", then choose the file from My Files and it will insert as a link.

The awesome thing about these file link options is that you will be able to trigger automations based on your contact's engagement with the documents and you can track if people are opening them.