Creating and tracking links in your emails is easy! 

Just Remember: Hatchbuck tracks links for you automatically, but you MUST hyperlink your text in order for us to do so. 

Once link tracking begins, you will want to see if and where people are clicking. Here's how to view link clicks:

1. Dashboard
  • In the Activity Feed of your Dashboard you can view Link Clicks by Time Period and Sales Representative

2. Contact List View 
  • Select the Filter button 

  • Go to Link Activity

  • Add the link URL you are interested in viewing and select the filter parameters. When these are selected, click ADD.

  • APPLY the filter! 

3. Contact Record 

  • You can view an individual contact's link clicks within the Activity Feed tab

4. Email Template 
  • Go to Tools > Email Templates
  • Click on the Name of the template you would like to view
  • You can view the basic stats in the right column

5. Reports

  • Go to Reports > Emails to view:
    • Email Activity by Day Summary
    • Email Activity by Date Sent
    • Email by Template
    • Clicks by Contact
    • Link Activity