Regular campaigns

--Check out a video tutorial here

These are a sequence of automations; such as emails, tasks for salespeople, tags and status updates. You can start any contact on it at any time - they will always start on Step 1.

Regular campaigns are often used for general nurturing of your clients and can be automated off of link clicks, website visits, tag rules, or form submissions, as well as started manually.

Here's what a regular campaign structure could look like:

Event-based campaigns

--Check out a video tutorial here.

These are all based around a date and time. The date is stored on the contact's record in the "events" tab. You can add an event for multiple contacts in your database (for a trade show, etc.) or for a single individual (birthday or renewal date).

Event-based campaigns are used for promotions or shows or for things that happen annually that you would like to automate actions around.

This is how an event based campaign might look:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an event-based campaign and start a contact on the campaign, they will NOT receive any steps that have already passed their "delivery date." 

  • For example, if you have an event coming up and you set emails to go out 30 days before, 15 days before, and 1 day before that day - a contact added to the campaign 10 days before your event WILL NOT RECEIVE the emails from day 30 and day 15.  

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