Hatchbuck gives you 3 ways to stop a campaign: 

In the Campaign Tab

This will stop the campaign for ALL contacts.

  • Head to: Tools > Campaigns
  • Click on the campaign you'd like to stop
  • Click on Actions and select Stop Campaign

In the Contacts List View

This is a great way to stop the campaign for specific contacts.

  • Filter and then Select the contacts that you'd like to stop the campaign for.
  • Click on the Actions button.
  • Choose Stop a Campaign
  • Select whether you want to stop all campaigns for the contact(s) or just one specific campaign.
  • Click stop campaign

In the Contact Record

This stops the campaign for an individual contact.

  • Navigate to the Contact Record
  • Select the Campaign Tab 
  • A grey stop button will appear to the right of any campaign currently In Progress. Click that button to stop this specific campaign.