Unfortunately, once your Campaign has begun and your contacts are on the Campaign's step, you cannot change the Date.  The only solution is to be sure that all of the information you entered on each campaign step is 100% accurate before starting your campaign.

Now if your Campaign hasn't officially begun and your contacts have yet to be scheduled you can change the Campaign dates by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Campaigns page under the Tools drop down list.
  • At the Campaign list view screen, click on the campaign that you want to edit.

  • You can change the day that step is running by clicking in to the "day" box 

  • Type in your desired day and click save

  • Another option is to click the edit pencil for any step 

  • You are able to open the show advanced timers to change the day the step runs. It is also possible to skip weekends 

  • You can also select to run this step at a certain time in the contact's time zone or Hatchbuck user's time zone.