Campaigns can be an amazing way to help nurture and educate your prospective customers on your brand and your products or services. 

Things to Remember:

  • Have a purpose/goal: Don't just build a campaign to build it. Know where you are going to "land the plane". Is it brand awareness/education, an event, or a selling a particular product/service?
  • Segment your campaigns: As soon as possible, send different information to different people based on indicated interests. You can do that with our handy Tag Rules.
  • Start your campaigns early: when people are just realizing they have a problem but are not ready to buy. Ask for their information in return for an eBook, White Paper, or How To Guide related to your industry and initiate a nurturing campaign for them.
  • Give helpful, pitch-free content at first then slowly integrate CTA's (calls to action) to buy your products/services.
  • Decrease the frequency of your communication as you move through the campaign.
  • Implement personal touches once contacts are warm.
  • Measure how the campaign is doing and which emails are performing best - you can always edit future steps to match your best-performing emails.

Since developing great content is an essential building block of great Campaigns, here are some articles to help with with that:

 For tactical help on how to build campaigns in the Hatchbuck System, click here.