You know that with Hatchbuck you have the right software, but what about your strategy? How do you ensure that your plan is as fabulous as your tools?

We have put together some best practices for email marketing to help guide you down that path.

Here are some things to remember in your emails:

  • Give something useful (market trends, how-to’s)
  • Give something exclusive (promotions to subscribers)
  • Use voice, tone, personality - nothing generic.
  • Be consistent - choose some words and phrases you want to be a part of your message and always include one or two of those
  • OMIT NEEDLESS WORDS - keep it short and simple
  • SEGMENT - find ways to send the right information to the right people
  • Use one call to action only
  • Personalize your emails
  • Facilitate ways for people to share your content with their social network
  • Always validate and measure the success of your emails/campaigns (CTR, Opens, Spams)

A few notes on frequency in your email marketing campaigns:

  • Avoid sending too often and annoying your subscribers, try every month or so if it’s a general nurturing campaign
  • Don’t skip several months in a row in case people forget they opted in and make a SPAM complaint
  • If you don’t have something nice (useful) to say, don’t say anything at all. Meaning don't send an email just to send an email - make sure you have a purpose and are sending helpful information.
  • Respond quickly the first time someone gives you information/visits your website. Subscribers click through more often RIGHT after they subscribe - you lose more as time goes on.

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