--If videos are more your style, watch a tutorial on this.

IMPORTANT: Hatchbuck will be able to track the activity of Contacts and will drop cookies on individual web browsers when someone has: 

  • Filled out a Hatchbuck Form 
  • Clicked a link from a Hatchbuck email 

Follow these steps and start tracking and monitoring your contacts' activity on your website.

To access your Tracking Code:

  • Navigate to Tools > Webpage Tracking
  • Click "TRACKING CODE" 

  • You will then be given a code to place before the last <body> tag on your webpages.
  • You can copy to clipboard to be pasted on your website

Adding the code to your site will look something like this:



This is where all your content in the body of your page will be




*Tip: If you have a universal header or footer like WordPress offers, put your code there.

Bringing your Webpages into Hatchbuck

  • If your code is in the header or footer:
    • Add yourself as a user in the database, and become a Tracked Contact (fill out a Hatchbuck form or send yourself an email from Hatchbuck and click a link). Then, navigate through every page in your site to pull them in all at once

To bring in pages individually:

  • Click on the + Track Webpage button at the top right corner
  • You will see the screen below:



  • Name your page (ex: Home page, Pricing Page
  • Copy/paste the page URL
  • Foldering is a great option if you have many URL's or will be tracking multiple websites
  • Lock out others (if needed) from making edits

Adding Automations:

  • Choose which Automations you would like to automatically trigger once a Tracked Contact visits that page
  • Best practice: Think about your segments and add tags to your webpages that reflect those segments (ex: add a service interest tag to your webpage dedicated to that particular service). That way visitors to the site will rack up that Tag and auto-segment themselves!  
  • These are great articles on Tagging and Tag Rules.



  • Once you add your automation(s) you can specify if you'd like them to be triggered based on every visit or just the first time that contact visits that particular page



  • Once you have finished applying your automations, click "Finish"