Here is a step by step guide on how to add Webpage Tracking into your WordPress site:

  • Make sure you successfully logged in to your admin panel. 
  • Go to your Hatchbuck account and navigate to Tools>Webpage Tracking.
  • Click the button for "tracking code" and select “Copy link to Clipboard”

  • When at your WordPress admin panel, go to the left sidebar, click Appearance>Editor.  You'll end up on this screen:

  • From the list on the right side, find the item called ‘Footer’ and click into it.
  • Now the text in the text editor should change. Search in this text for the "</body>" code and paste the tracking code text right above this and press the Update File button when finished.

Bringing all of your pages into Hatchbuck: 

  • Since your code will be in a constant area (footer), add yourself as a user in the database, and become a Tracked Contact (fill out a Hatchbuck form or send yourself an email from Hatchbuck and click a link). Then, navigate through every page in your site to pull them in all at once

Want to learn about adding automations to webpage tracking? Check out this article

Important note: We ONLY track people who have had a cookie dropped via a form submission or link click from a Hatchbuck email.