In the Hatchbuck world, a Deal is the Sales Process for each customer. It usually starts when a potential customer raises their hand and says, "I am interested in learning more about your product." 

Follow the below steps to fully utilize the Deals section of Hatchbuck: 

Customizing your Deal Pipeline Stages

  • Navigate to Account Settings> Customization > Deal Stages
  • To add a new stage, click the blue Edit Stages button
    • You will then be able to + add a stage or merge stages 


  • When you choose to add a new stage a new blank row will appear at the bottom of your current stage list: 

Name the stage to reflect YOUR business. You can be as creative or as generic as you want!
  • Choose a general status for them. This is not displayed in your in your pipeline, but it helps our database organize the information correctly. 
  • Choose a default close probability, this is used to set the new probability when advancing a deal to this stage. It is optional, if you choose not to select a default close probability 0% will be show for that stage
  • To re-order your stages just click and hold the move icon next to your deal stage name and move it to the appropriate spot in your pipeline 

 To Merge Stages: Click the  Merge Stages button on the top right 
  • a pop up will appear where you can select the deal stages you want to merge

  • The first stage is the one you want to "disappear", the second is where  it's data will go.
  • Click the merge deal button when you are finished and you will be brought back to your deal stage list 

Using Deal Custom Fields: 

  • Deal Custom Fields can be used to store additional information on a Deal record, when Hatchbuck simply doesn't already have a field to store that information. 
  • To create or edit your custom fields, go to: Account Settings > Customizations > Custom Fields > Click into the Deals tab 
  • Help article on custom fields

Creating a Deal for a single Contact - Manual

  • Navigate to the Contact Record of the person who has expressed interest in your product/service
  • Go to the Deals tab > click the +New Deal button OR the Create A Deal button > either add a contact to an existing deal or choose + Create a New Deal 


You will see this screen when creating a new deal:  

REQUIRED: Name your Deal so you can reference it in reports and in your Deal tab
REQUIRED: Choose a Stage from one of your Custom Stages for this deal right now
REQUIRED: Estimate the value of this deal. 
REQUIRED: Close Date Put in a date that you expect to close this deal (there are some filtering and reporting options on this field
*Depending on your business, this might be tricky - just pull data on the average revenue from your closed business and use that number if you are unsure

  • Choose a Win Probability - this is used to report the "expected revenue"over a certain period of time
  • Choose a lead source - where did this person find out about you? This is one of the most helpful reports for determining ROI on your marketing efforts
  • Choose a campaign source if they had been on one of your great nurturing campaigns. Again, some great insights can be drawn from this to startbuilding more effective campaigns.
  • Description and Notes are just for personal use.

This will now appear in the Deal List under your Deal Tab

Creating a Deal for Multiple Contacts - Manual

  • Navigate to your Contacts List View
  • Select which Contacts are adding to this deal
  • Click the orange Actions drop-down > Create New Deal
  • Follow all the same steps above but NOTE:
    • You need to choose a primary contact for this deal of the people you selected.
    • Also, it will not auto-populate their sales rep so add which one this is assigned to.

Creating a Deal from the Deals Tab - Manual

  • In the Deals Tab, click the teal +New Deal button
  • Follow the same steps as above in "Create a Deal for a Contact"
  • It will populate your name as the sales rep, but feel free to change it

Creating a Deal - Automated

  • When you select Create a Deal from the Triggered Automation menus, you will see this screen:

  • Choose a name for all your Deals that come through this specific source.
    • You can personalize it too based on who is filling it 
  • Choose to either assign it to the sales rep assigned to the specific contact, or assign it to the same salesperson every time.
  • Put in an estimated value for all your deals that come through this source.
    • Look at some data and put in an average - you can change it manually for each deal as it moves through the purpose.
  • Give a forecasted close date - how many days does it usually take to close deals in your business? Choose that
  • Give a lead source for these Deals (in our example, Demo Request form)
  • Use campaign source if this is a step in a campaign
  • You can also choose to only run this the first time they fill out the form to prevent duplicates.
  • Tip: Make sure to also add a Notification or Task triggered action for your sales rep so deals don't slip through the cracks!

Now you are all set - sit back and watch it work some magic!