We want your Hatchbuck system to match YOUR business process. We are all about personalizing, so use this guide to customize the stages of your sales process.

  • Navigate to Account Settings > Customization > Deal Stages
  • To add a new stage, click the blue Edit Stages button
    • You will then be able to  +Add Stage or Merge Stages


  • when you choose to add a new stage a new blank row will appear at the bottom of your current stage list: 

  • Name the stage to reflect YOUR business. You can be as creative or as generic as you want!
  • Choose a general status for them. This is not displayed in your in your pipeline, but it helps our database organize the information correctly. 
  • Choose a default close probability, this is used to set the new probability when advancing a deal to this stage. It is optional, if you choose not to select a default close probability 0% will be show for that stage
  • To re-order your stages just click and hold the move icon next to your deal stage name and move it to the appropriate spot in your pipeline 

To merge stages: 
  • Click the  Merge Stages button on the top right 
  • a pop up will appear where you can select the deal stages you want to merge

  • The first stage is the one you want to "disappear", the second is where  it's data will go.
  • Click the merge deal button when you are finished and you will be brought back to your deal stage list
Be sure and SAVE CHANGES when you are finished editing your Deal Stages