When someone says they are interested in your product, you are going to want to add them into your Deal Pipeline and track those dollars right into your pocket!

Here's how to manually create a deal for those contacts:

Creating a Deal for a Single Contact

  • Navigate to the Contact Record of the person who has expressed interest in your product/service
  • Go to the Deals tab > click the +New Deal button  > either add a contact to an existing deal or choose + Create a New Deal 

  • You will see this screen when creating a new deal:

  • REQUIRED: Name your Deal so you can reference it in reports and in your Deal tab
  • REQUIRED: Assign this deal to  Sales Rep 
  • REQUIRED: Choose the appropriate stage for your Deal 
  • REQUIRED: Estimate the value of this deal. (Depending on your business, this might be tricky - just pull data on the average revenue from your closed business and use that number if you are unsure)
  • REQUIRED: Put in a date that you expect to close this deal (there are some filtering and reporting options on this field)
Optional information:

  • Win Probability - this will auto populate depending on the stage you choose and is used to report the "expected revenue"over a certain period of time
  • Choose a lead source - where did this person find out about you? This is one of the most helpful reports for determining ROI on your marketing efforts
  • Description and Notes are just for personal use.

Creating a Deal for Multiple Contacts 

  • Select which Contacts will be included in the deal
  • Click the Actions drop-down > Create New Deal
  • Follow all the same steps above but NOTE:
    • You need to choose a primary contact for this deal of the people you selected.
    • Also, it will not auto-populate their sales rep so you will need to make that selection.

Creating a Deal from the Deals Tab 

  • In the Deals Tab, click the button to create a new deal, you will see this screen: 

  • Follow the same steps as above in "Create a Deal for a Contact"
  • It will populate your name as the sales rep, but feel free to change it!