If you are one of our B2C (business to consumer) clients, you will probably want to learn more about how the eCommerce functions of Hatchbuck works.

Here is a guide to setting up your categories and using the manual purchase tool.

Set Up:

Before you add purchases into a Contact Record (manually or automatically), you will want to set up your Products and Product Categories.

*Note: You CAN set up a product and category on the fly when creating a purchase on a Contact Record (see below for details).

  • Navigate to Account Settings > Customizations Products
  • Select the + Edit Products and Categories button
  • You will see this screen:

  • Choose a Category for your Product (you can add a new one to the list using + Add Product)
    • For example, if you are a Gym your Categories might be Gym Membership, Personal Training, Spa, etc. The specific products would nest within that.
  • Name your product

*Creating a Purchase for a Contact - Manual

When a contact purchases one of your products, you will want to add it in their record for tracking. Here's how:

  • Navigate to the Contact Record > Purchases 
  • Select +New Order button
  • You will see this screen:

  • You can choose if this is a purchase or refund using the Order Type drop-down.
  • The Order # is optional, but you can use it for tracking if you would like.
  • Choose the Product and Quantity purchased
  • If QTY is left at 0, your total and order total will not calculate
    • Note: You can add a new product and category to your database here using the + next to the Product Name
  • You can also add an optional description 
  • Give the price of an individual product they bought - Hatchbuck will calculate the total for you using the quantity field from the first box.
  • + New Purchase button allows you to add more than one item to this order

 See this article for how to integrate your eCommerce site into Hatchbuck.