While Hatchbuck doesn't have a direct ECommerce integration, by using Zapier you can quickly connect to a variety of ECommerce solutions. To see a list of available options check out the Hatchbuck Zap book, take a look at their list of available apps, or  head to the Integrations section of Hatchbuck (Account Settings > Integrations) for some pre-built Zaps you can quickly use! 

(Looking for an integration via Hatchbuck's API? {for advanced users} Check this out

-- To learn how to set up and use Zapier with Hatchbuck, you can view a quick video here or read an article here.

With any of the ECommerce solutions listed on Zapier you will be able to trigger the below Actions in Hatchbuck (Hatchbuck can only be on the "trigger" side of the Zap): 

  • Create/Update a Contact - this will create a new contact in Hatchbuck or update an existing contact

  • Add a Tag - this action will create a contact (if one doesn’t already exist in Hatchbuck) and add a tag to their record. 

*TIP: By setting up a Tag Rule, you have access to all the automation functionality within Hatchbuck.

Check out some common Zaps below: 


Shopify (Action): 

  • You add a New Customer
  • A New Order is paid
  • A new order is cancelled

 Hatchbuck (Trigger) - 

  • Create a Contact only 
  • Add a Tag (also creates a contact)


In BigCommerce (Action) -  

  • A New Customer is Added
  • A New Order is Placed

Hatchbuck (Trigger) -

  • Create a Contact only
  • Add a Tag (also creates a Contact) 


In QuickBooks (Action) - 

  • A New Vendor is added
  • A New Estimate is added
  • A New Customer is added
  • A New Account is added
  • A New Sales Receipt is added
  • A New Invoice is added

Hatchbuck (Trigger) - 

  • Create a Contact only 
  • Add a Tag (also creates a Contact)


In WooCommerce (Action)  - 

  • An Order is Paid (changes status to Processing)
  • A subscription is created
  • A subscription is renewed 

Hatchbuck (Trigger)  -

  • Create a Contact only

  • Add a Tag (also creates a Contact)

You can also create contacts, and tag through Zapier connected applications like Stripe and Paypal

Notes about our Integrations through Zapier:

  • Hatchbuck's API is "one-directional" meaning that we ONLY receive data - we cannot send data to other systems.
  • Zapier is a "pay by integration" system so you will incur a small cost to create more than 5 connections. For their pricing structure: click here.