--For a quick video tutorial on Purchase Rules, click here.

One of the exciting automation features in Hatchbuck is the ability trigger actions based on things that are happening in your eCommerce platform (linked to Hatchbuck using an API integration) or manual purchase updates uploaded by the user.

Take a look at how these purchase rules work.

Hatchbuck can automate when:

  • New Customer is added
  • Customer makes their first purchase
  • Customer purchases a specific type of product
  • Customer purchases a specific product
  • Company Refunds customer for any item
  • Company Refunds Customer for specific product 
  • Order is greater than $X
  • Refund is greater than $X

Set Up:

Before you add purchases into a Contact Record (manually or automatically) - you can set up your Products and Product Categories.


Creating a Purchase Rule - Automated

Navigate to Tools > Rules > + New Rule > Select Purchase Rule

Add a rule name, trigger, select product category and folder


Define your rule by clicking New Automation and then linking up a automated action from the drop-down

Your completed rule will look something like this:


  • Product Category: if you have a customer purchase one item from a product category (Let's say Group Fitness Classes from a Gym) you can start them on a campaign based around that category (Sending the contact an invitation to try a Free Yoga Class). Or add a tag to their record with that Category (Example Tag: Purchased Group Fitness Classes)
  • Order greater than $X amount:  if you have a customer make a purchase greater than $100, you can automate a Thank-you email with a coupon code, or ask them to refer you to their friends on social media.