A great way to use webpage tracking to your advantage is to trigger automations every time someone visits onevof your pages.

--Click here for an article on the full set up process

  • Choose which Automation you would like Hatchbuck to trigger once a Tracked Contact visits a particular page
    • Best practice: Tagging the contact allows you insight into overall engagement over time with certain pages. For example, you may see that a contact has engaged multiple times with your "Group Classes" page - which allows you to make an assumption that the contact is interested in joining a group class. You could then set-up a Tag Rule to start a contact on a "Group Class" specific campaign once they show enough interest.

  • Continue when finished
  • Now, as people navigate around your website, if they are a tracked contact, they will receive the designated tags each time they visit the page and you will be able to monitor the tag score
    • Best practice: Think about your segments and add tags to your webpages that reflect those segments (e.g. add a Group Class tag to your webpage dedicated to Group Classes).  Moving forward, when visitors engage with that area of your website, the tag will be applied (or increased), giving you great insight into the persons interests
    • Here are 2 great articles on Tagging and Tag Rules.

*IMPORTANT: Tracked Contacts

Hatchbuck drops cookies on individual web browsers in order to track their visits to your webpage. Because of this, we ONLY track 2 types of people:

  • People who click on a link within an email
  • People who fill out an online form