--For a video tutorial on Link Automations: click here.

Setting up link Automations in your emails is an essential function of the Hatchbuck system. You are using Hatchbuck to automate your marketing process and save you time - so you should definitely take advantage of this feature.

After you create an email, you will see the following page:

You can see from the above example, that Hatchbuck has detected several links within the email.

Next up, you will want to determine which "automations" you would like to take place when someone clicks into that link.

Here are all of the options that you get to choose from: [link automations detailed here]

Think about what each link is related to in your business model.
  • If it's just visiting your Webpage, maybe add you "Visited Website" tag onto the contact
  • If it's about a specific product your contact is engaging with, consider tagging the contact with an "XYZ Interest" tag
  • If it's about a demo or meeting with you, Adjust their Contact Score or move them up in the Contact Status pipeline (example: moving the contact from a lead to a prospect), or create a Task for your Salesperson to call them.