The great thing about Hatchbuck is that we help you automate all those processes that you used to have to do manually! Here is how to automate the creation of a Deal for your Contacts.

  • First, think about the time in your process where someone raises their hand and says they are interested - this could be a link click, a form submission, or a particular webpage visit. In any of these instances you will be able to apply Automations, one of which is to create a deal for the contact. 
    • For example, when you filled out the our Hatchbuck Demo Request Form, we automatically created a deal for you and put you in the "Demo Request" Stage
  • When you select Create a Deal from the Automations tab, you will see this pop-up:

Choose a name for all of your Deals that come through this specific source.
  • You can personalize it too! Add in the Contact Name or a Custom Field to populate based on who is filling it out if you want 
  • Choose to either assign the deal to the sales rep assigned to that contact, or assign it to the same salesperson every time.
  • Put in an estimated value for all your deals that come through this source.
  • Give a forecasted close date - how many days does it usually take to close deals in your business? Choose that
  • Give a lead source for these Deals (in our example, Demo Request form)
  • You can also choose to only run this the first time they fill out the form to prevent duplicates.

Tip: Make sure to also add a Notification or Task triggered action for your sales rep so deals don't slip through the cracks!