For a video tutorial on Zapier and how it integrates with Hatchbuck, click here.

Zapier is an amazing solution that allows you to connect and integrate the web apps you use, taking advantage of already-programmed API connections. Check them out!

Things to Note about our Integrations with Zapier:

  • Hatchbuck's API is one-direction only. We ONLY receive information - we cannot send information.
  • In Zapier terms, Hatchbuck activities can only be an "action" not a "trigger".

Options of "actions" that can automate in Hatchbuck through Zapier:
  • Creating a Contact
  • Tagging a Contact

Zapier is a pay-per-integration solution, so you do incur a cost for more than 5 "Zaps". Here is their pricing page.

Need a few examples? Check out the example Zaps below, the Hatchbuck Zap book, or head to the Integrations section of Hatchbuck (Account Settings > Integrations) for some pre-built Zaps!

Create and update Hatchbuck contacts from a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Create contacts in Hatchbuck from Facebook Lead Ads

Create and update Hatchbuck contacts from Unbounce submissions

Add tags in Hatchbuck to Eventbrite attendees

Add tags in Hatchbuck from new QuickBooks payments
See more Hatchbuck integrations powered by Zapier

Ready to set up a Zap? Check out this article

Happy Automating!