Hatchbuck's API documentation 

  • Clicking on any of the headings will expand and show more information about the call itself.

Some specifics:

  • SSL is required for all connections, HTTP connectivity will result in an error
  • Security is handled via an API key, we have enabled API access for your accounts and you may generate an API key under Account Settings > Data > Web API
  • When you POST or PUT you must use a media type of application/json otherwise it will return unsupported media type
  • On this page you're also able to view the API logs which is a history of every request that was made, either read or write.
  • The final section of the page is table lookup keys. Usage of these is not required but recommended. The best example is Tags. If you have a tag named MyTag and you want to add that tag to a contact. You may either add it by name "MyTag" or by ID <lots of characters here>. The reason we offer the ID version in addition to the text version is because if you rename the tag the ID will still work, but if you rename MyTag to MyOldTag in the system and continue to use the API to apply "MyTag" you will now have two tags in circulation: "MyOldTag" which was the renamed "MyTag" in addition to the new tag called "MyTag" that's now being sent via the API's. We do not currently have APIs to query all of these data elements so we have created this routine for you to find and use IDs as needed.¬†

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