--If videos are more your style, you can watch a tutorial on: the Basic Builderthe Drag and Drop Builder, or HTML emails

To create an email template that you are going to save & reuse, you will want to head Tools > Email Templates

From here select the "New Email Template" button at the top right. 

1) My Email Templates

You can load one of your previously created emails

2) Pre-designed Templates

Choosing the pre-designed option will open up a library of designed templates. 

3) Start from Scratch

Select the type of template that you want to build your email from scratch 

Basic Editor-Blank (Basic Builder)

The basic builder is the resource to use when you want to send a simple text based e-mail. This looks very personal and mimics an email you would send to a friend from your Gmail or Outlook.

Basic Editor- Blank (HTML)
  • Select the Basic Editor
  • Select "Source"

This will pull up the Source option in the email editor for you to copy and paste or code from scratch your very own HTML email.

Drag and Drop Builder

The drag and drop builder is great when you want to create a unique, custom newsletter-style e-mail template. It allows you to easily drag and drop content and images blocks and customize the style of the template.

-Customize the sections of your template outline, then add in content blocks and customize the style of the email. 

4) Saved Draft

Here you can retrieve emails you've started and never quite finished