If you prefer video, check out this awesome tutorial on Deals.

Customizing your Deal Pipeline Stages

  • Navigate to Account Settings> Customization > Deal Stages
  • To add a new stage, click the blue Edit Stages button

  • You will then be able to + add stage or merge stages (To be used if you have multiple statuses you wish to combine into one status)



  • When you choose to add a new stage a new blank row will appear at the bottom of your current stage list: 

  • Name the stage that best reflects your internal sales pipeline (Ex: Requested Demo, Completed Demo, Contract Initiated, Won, Loss, Missing in Action. 
  • Choose a general status for each stage. This will be factored into your sales reports. 
  • Choose a default close probability, this is used to set the new probability when advancing a deal to this stage. It is optional, if you choose not to select a default close probability 0% will be show for that stage
  • To re-order your stages just click and hold the move icon next to your deal stage name and move it to the appropriate spot in your pipeline
  • Click the  Merge Stages button on the top right if you'd like to combine two. A pop up will appear where you can select the deal stages you want to merge


  • The first stage is the one you want to "disappear", the second is where  it's data will go.
  • Click the merge deal button when you are finished and you will be brought back to your deal stage list 

Creating a Deal for a single Contact - Manual

  • Navigate to the Contact Record of the person who has expressed interest in your product/service
  • Go to the Deals tab > click the +New Deal button OR the Create A Deal button > either add a contact to an existing deal or choose + Create a New Deal 

  • You will see this screen when creating a new deal: 

  • REQUIRED: Name your Deal so you can reference it in reports and in your Deal tab
  • REQUIRED: Choose a Stage from one of your Custom Stages for this deal right now
  • REQUIRED: Estimate the value of this deal. Depending on your business, this might be tricky - just pull data on the average revenue from your closed business and use that number if you are unsure
  • REQUIRED: Close Date - Put in a date that you expect to close this deal (there are some filtering and reporting options on this field) 
  • Choose a Win Probability - this is used to report the "expected revenue"over a certain period of time
  • Choose a lead source - how did this person find out about you? This is one of the most helpful reports for determining ROI on your marketing efforts
  • Description and Notes are just for personal use.

This will now appear in the Deal List under your Deal Tab


Creating a Deal for Multiple Contacts - Manual

  • Navigate to your Contacts List View
  • Select which Contacts are adding to this deal
  • Click Actions > Create New Deal 
  • Follow all the same steps above but NOTE:
    • You need to choose a primary contact for this deal out of the contacts you selected.
    • It will not auto-populate their sales rep so select which one it should be assigned to.

Creating a Deal from the Deals Tab - Manual

  • In the Deals Tab, click the teal +New Deal button
  • Follow the same steps as above in "Create a Deal for a Contact"
  • It will populate your name as the sales rep, but feel free to change it

Creating a Deal - Automated

The great thing about Hatchbuck is that we help you automate all those processes that you used to have to do manually! Here is how to automate the creating of a Deal for your Contacts.

  • First, think about what in your process equates to a person saying, "I want to hear more about what you are selling"
  • Then, add an automation to Create a Deal (learn all about adding triggered automations here)
    • For example, when you filled out the our Hatchbuck Demo Request Form, we automatically created a deal for you and put you in the Demo Request Stage.
  • When you select Create a Deal as an automation, you will see this screen:

  • Choose a name for all your Deals that come through this specific source.
    • You can personalize it too! Add in the Contact Name or a Custom Field to populate based on who is filling it out if you want 
  • Choose to either assign it to the sales rep assigned to the specific contact, or assign it to the same salesperson every time.
  • Put in an estimated value for all your deals that come through this source.
    • Look at some data and put in an average - you can change it manually for each deal as it moves through the purpose.
  • Give a forecasted close date - how many days does it usually take to close deals in your business? Choose that
  • Give a lead source for these Deals (in our example, Demo Request form)
  • Use campaign source if this is a step in a campaign
  • You can also choose to only run this the first time they fill out the form to prevent duplicates.
  • Tip: Make sure to also add a Notification or Task triggered action for your sales rep so deals don't slip through the cracks!