With your new accounts, you can:

Strengthen your branding and enhance your marketing package

Add your logo and branded elements across all application media and templates (including a branded URL and web favicon).

Provide your clients with a ready-to-go version of Hatchbuck

You are able to pre-populate new customer databases with email templates, campaigns, forms, rules and system settings. This adds incredible value when selling Hatchbuck into any specific vertical.

Continue to add client value with predesigned email templates and campaigns

Create and maintain your own private template library for your customers. Continuously provide all of your customers with new, fresh templates and campaigns.

Conveniently access all your client accounts from one location

Organize and manage your client accounts from your Agency Master Account. With permission, you are able to easily access any client account and provide additional marketing services.

Make new client signups a breeze

Sign up new clients seamlessly with your own unique sign-up page.


Will all my sub-accounts database settings change if I change my database settings?

All of your existing customer accounts will not change when you make changes to your database settings. When you change the Default/Mold Database settings, only new sign-ups will have those changes reflected in their application.

Is it possible to make front-end changes to my co-branded website?

Currently we do not support this feature.

Can I create multiple Demo Databases? (Molds)

As it currently stands, our co-branding option does not allow you to create multiple molds with different settings in each mold unless you purchase another co-branded account.