--If videos are more your style, you can watch a tutorial on this.

The Dashboard is comprised of different blocks that provide great insight into your account and the behavior of your contacts. When you hover over these metrics, they will turn blue, allowing you to quickly click through to your filtered contact list!

Your Activity Feed on the far right is a snapshot of all activity going on with your Contacts -  get insight into link clicks, website visits, email opens and form submissions, etc.

You can sort your dashboard Activity Feed by:

  • Sales Rep - to see only activity for Contacts that are tied to a certain sales rep
  • Time Period - to see activity that has occurred today, yesterday, the last 7 or 30 days, this month or last month 
  • Activity Type - click into the icons to drill down by specific activity:  form submissions, email opens, email bounces, link clicks, webpage visits, and unsubscribes and spam complaints

To view upcoming scheduled emails or tasks, you can refer to the following block:

For information on rescheduling or cancelling an email or campaign for your contacts, check out this article

Contact Snapshot: This gives you the ability to view your total contacts and number of new contacts added within the time frame filter you’ve selected at the top of your Dashboard. You can  click-through to view the filtered list of your total or new Contacts. You can also quickly import a list of contacts using the blue “IMPORT” button, click here for help with that

Follow up Performance Block: These are your targeted goals for communication. You’ll manage these in your Account Settings area, where you’ll also be able to decide on the follow up frequency for each contact status. 

  • Engaged Contact: These contacts have opened emails, clicked on links, visited your website or submitted an online form resulting in a positive contact score.
  • Neglected Contacts: These contacts haven't been communicated with via email within the specified "goal time" for that status. You will want to reach out and send these contacts an email before they fall through the cracks.
  • Unresponsive: These contacts haven't opened or engaged with your communication. We suggest cleaning these people out of your list when they are continually unresponsive.
To change your follow up frequency, check out this article

If you'd like to view the Contacts in any of these follow up statuses, click into that particular number where you will be brought to a filtered list in your Contacts Tab. From there you can send them an email, create a task to follow up, or take any other group action that might be needed. 

Contact status block: This shows each of your statuses and the total number of contacts in each status (manage these in Account Settings). Clicking into the total number of contacts in that status will bring to you to that particular filtered list. 

Email stat block: Who’s opening, clicking through, as well as bounce / unsubscribes / and SPAM complaints. If you'd like to view the contacts that have opened, clicked-through, unsubscribed, complained of Spam, or have had the email bounce within the selected time period, click on that metric to be brought to your filtered list. 

Website Visitors: How many tracked contacts have gone to your website and the average page views per contact. Click on 'Unique Contacts' to see who has been visiting your website within the selected time period.

Form Block: The number of your active forms, and how many new contacts have been added from them. Clicking through 'Form Submissions' and 'Active forms' will bring you to the associated Report. Clicking through 'New Contacts' will bring you to a filtered contact list view of new contacts who submitted a form.

Your top Deal lead Sources. Click through to view the associated Deal Pipeline List Report

And a high level overview of your Sales and Revenue for the selected time period. Clicking through here will bring you to the corresponding Sales Reports.