Below are some common ways and some suggestions on how you can use Zapier to integrate your GoToWebinar account with Hatchbuck. 

Want to try a pre-built zap? Head to Account Settings > Integrations and check out the "connect with event attendees" section

Add tags in Hatchbuck to GoToWebinar registrants
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Keep track of who registered:

You may want to find a way to find out which of your Hatchbuck contacts are registered your Webinar(s) for segmenting reasons.

  • Zap to use: "New Registrant" (Trigger = GoToWebinar) to "Add a Tag" (Action = Hatchbuck). 
  • You can add a tag for this individual Webinar OR you can add a general "Webinar", "Level of Interest", or "Product/Service Interest" tag to measure overall engagement with other your other marketing efforts.
  • For example: If I am hosting a GoToWebinar for "How to Cook with Red Wine", I can add any of these tags:
    • "Cooking with Red Wine Webinar" (to group with others who registered for this specific webinar)
    • "Webinar Registrant" (to group with anyone who has attended ANY of my webinars)
    • "Level of Interest" (to add an additional score outside of link clicks and form completions)
    • "Red Wine Interest" (to add to the Red Wine segment, and to guage interest level in this product offering)

Keep track of who actually attended:
You may want to do this for similar reasons as mentioned above OR to enable you to find a list of those who registered but did not attend.
  • Zap to use: "New Attendee" (Trigger = GoToWebinar) to "Add a Tag" (Action = Hatchbuck). 
  • Add any of the tags mentioned above, OR
  • If you are using this to find those who registered, but did not attend:
    • Use the New Registrant zap to add a tag for "Registered for Red Wine Webinar"
    • Use the New Attendee zap to add a tag for "Attended Red Wine Webinar"
    • After your webinar, pull a list of all those who have the "Registered" tag and NOT the "Attended" tag
    • Use this to send a recording of the webinar or offer a special deal 

Event Reminders:

You may want to set up email reminders for your contacts who sign up for your webinar, and maybe send a feedback email after.

  • Zap to use: "New Registrant" (Trigger = GoToWebinar) to "Add a Tag" (Action = Hatchbuck). 
  • Add a tag specific to this Webinar (be sure to make this a unique tag in your Hatchbuck account)
  • Set up an event-based campaign in Hatchbuck. 
  • Set up a tag rule that uses that unique tag to create an event for the Contact and tie this event to the campaign you built. 

*Hatchbuck Hack: Using the "Add a tag" automation gives you the most functionality. You can set up a Tag Rule within Hatchbuck, then use the rule to trigger any of the available Hatchbuck automations!