Here are some best practices and ideas for integrating Hatchbuck to your PayPal account via Zapier.

Want to try a pre-built zap? Head to Account Settings > Integrations and scroll down to the "charges and payments" section. Here you can try adding a tag to new Paypal sales:

Add tags in Hatchbuck from new PayPal sales
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Segment your Contacts by who has purchased from you AND how often they have been customers

  • Zap to use: "Successful Sale" (Trigger = PayPal) to "Add a Tag" (Action = Hatchbuck).
  • Add a general "Purchased" tag with this zap to:
    • Segment out current contacts who are active customers
    • Add new contacts to your database who have purchased
  • Use the "Browse by Tag" filter to find those in your database who have or have not purchased from you
  • Filter by tag score to find a list of your most frequent buyers: 


Automate some customer love

  • Zap to use: "Successful Sale" (Trigger = PayPal) to "Add a Tag" (Action = Hatchbuck). 
  • Create a Tag Rule to automate a Campaign once someone has purchased from you to keep in your brand top of mind. 
  • Bonus: Create a Tag Rule to award your "VIP" Customers by automating coupons or special deals once they have purchased X amount of times.

Use these and many more to get the most out of your integration!

Hatchbuck Hack: Use the "Add Tag" zap + a Tag Rule to give you the most flexibility for automated actions